dennis brown if you are rich please help the poor

Dennis Brown - If You Are Rich Please Help The Poor

Label : Observer Music
Date de sortie : 13/11/2020

Tracklist :

  1. Help The Poor
  2. Rub A Dub All The Time
  3. I Am The Conqueror
  4. No More Will I Roam
  5. So Long Rastafari Calling
  6. If You're Rich
  7. Melting Pot
  8. Tribulation
  9. Have No Fear
  10. Song My Mother Used To Sing
  11. Rocking Time
  12. Moving Away
  13. Words Of Wisdom
  14. Love Gotta Hold On Me
  15. Halfway Up, Halfway Down
  16. The Prophet Rides Again
  17. Love Light
  18. Revolution
  19. Rebel With A Cause
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