Manudigital - Bass Attack

Label : X-Ray Production
Date de sortie : 05/10/2018

Tracklist :

  1. Ruff It Up feat. General Degree (RMX)
  2. Bye Bye Boom Boom feat. Red Fox
  3. Nah Fight feat. Mesh M18
  4. Rock This World feat. Skarra Mucci
  5. Herb Inna Mi Pocket feat. Solo Banton
  6. Dem A Poison feat. Soom T
  7. Rub A Dub feat. Cali P
  8. Shoot & Collect feat. Junior Cat
  9. My Story feat. Panda Dub & Royale
  10. Winner feat. Derrick Parker & Lt. Stitchie
  11. Reach The Sky feat. Taiwan MC
  12. Strictly That Style feat. Dapatch

  13. Bad feat. General Degree
  14. Time Bomb feat. Devon Morgan, Sherkhan & Ed Solo
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