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Etana - Reggae Forever

La date n'était évidemment pas choisie au hasard : le 8 mars, journée internationale des droits des femmes. L'annonce faite il y a longtemps et une bonne promo depuis. La version dématérialisée mise en pré-commande au mois de janvier. L'attente a fait monter la pression... Mais enfin ! Il est sorti : le cinquième album d'Etana "Reggae Forever" (Tad's Records)

This is my first project by myself and it's distributed by Tad's Records. I'm hoping that all my fans will have the same love for the music like I do. I hope that they can see the growth in lyrical content, and the vocals and the versatility. I hope that they can appreciate the different messages in the music. I hope that my fans will find joy in every aspect of the album. More vibes, more positive energy, more joy to all my fans. Get this one! It is special to me as you all are, and I hope it is special to you, as you all have made me feel. REGGAE FOREVER!Etana

Tracklist :

  1. Free Pt 2
  2. Fighting for Nothing
  3. Spread Love
  4. Carry You
  5. You're The One
  6. Sprung
  7. My Man
  8. Soldier
  9. Good Enough
  10. Burned
  11. No Money, No Love
  12. 6 MINS : 21 SECS
  13. Destination
  14. Yes I Know

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