No Mask, No Problem !

C'est dans une série de 3 vidéos postées sur son compte Instagram que Buju Banton dénonce le port du masque et exhorte les Jamaïcains à être conscients des mensonges alors que le pays combat le COVID-19. Une position que l'on peut largement transposer à la France...

Wi waan done with this mask-wearing bull*** inna Jamaica. Who fi dead a go dead, an' who nah go dead ah fi jus' live.
Who are these intellectual fools telling us how to live our lives? If you're so smart, why haven't you found the cure for cancer? You are touting a line and putting the Jamaican people in abject fear and driving us all to poverty. What have you done for all those who you have laid off and mek dem business close early? Jamaican people need to wake up. Mi nah wear no mask 'cause mask nuh mek fi man... Free mi people, free my people now!
Don't you see that they have been lying to us for all this time? Why should we believe them now? How ironic it is that this virus act as if it is more intelligent than man?Buju Banton

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