Un documentaire sur John Holt en préparation

Intitulée « Voltz of Holt », la production a commencé il y a quatre mois avec Bamm Holt, petit-fils de John Holt, dans les deux rôles d'intervieweur et de narrateur. Aucune date de sortie n'a été définie.

My role in the documentary is interviewer. I ask the questions and I am basically the narrator as well. So the whole spin is a grandson finding out how great his grandfather is, while interviewing people about him.
The reason for doing the documentary was to bring the name back. I felt as if my grandfather doesn't get the recognition he deserves, not only musically, but as a person in general
My relationship with my grandfather was very interesting. It was a regular grandfather-grandson relationship. He basically mentored me and showed me what it took to be a artiste… the mentality, the work ethic, the persona, and even the way to separate family from business.

Bamm espère que le projet aidera à présenter John Holt à une nouvelle génération de fans, ainsi qu'à lui-même.

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