Admiral Bailey - Politician
Admiral Bailey - Them Have Fe Wait
Admiral Bailey - Woman A Me Yard
Bounty Killer - Dead This Time
Clement Irie - Hungry No Laugh
Daddy Lizzard - Dibi Dibi Girl
Flourgon - Bounce
General Tree - Boom Shock A Tack
General Tree - Naa Go Run
Horse Man - Dj Of The Year
Johnny P - Jump & Spread Out
Josey Wales - Stamp Out
Lady Saw - Strong Body Man
Lecturer - Dj Find Me
Major Worries - Sweet Little Rose
Major Worries - Twist And Rock
Ninja Man - More Reality
Red Dragon - Duck
Sanchez & Flourgon - Madly In Love
Shabba Ranks - Original Fresh
Shaka Demus - Bad Bad Shaka
Tonto Irie - Ram Up Every Corner
Tonto Irie - Western Style

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