[CLIP] - Chronixx - Dela Move

Extrait du prochain album "Dela Splash".

"Dela Move", produced by J.L.L. and Chronixx, is the intro track for Dela Splash. The album’s title pays homage to Chronixx’s hometown annual concert by the same name. The now defunct event for almost a decade featured some of the island’s biggest stars. Chronixx is part of a long line of musicians from Spanish Town such as his father Chronicle, Prince Far I, Papa San and Koffee. There’s not something in the water in this fertile ground for multi-talented artists. It’s just passionate striving. “Knowing that where I’m from is a place of creativity gave me confidence as a creator,” Chronixx states.

Chronixx tapped his go-to producer Teflon on the majority of the album. The musical collection will defy genre and feature special guest collaborations to be announced at a later date. According to Chronixx, he wants to “harness the full artillery of sounds that have been passed forward to us through the works of the great Diaspora and African music innovators."

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